21 June 2011

American Automakers Continue to Sell Second Rate Gas-Only Cars That Keep Us Dependent on Foreign Oil

The following is a response to American automakers who recently voiced strong opposition to the Open Fuel Standard (which you can read about here).

American automakers could, with only minor upgrades, give us cars that would effectively end our country's dependence on foreign oil by giving the driver the option to buy American made alcohols in addition to gasoline.

We have hundreds of ways and thousands of ideas about how to make alcohol fuels out of everything from plant waste to industrial waste to all the stuff we throw in the trash. Every dollar paid for American alcohol fuel strengthens our economy: Every dollar to foreign oil weakens our economy. Wake up, Detroit! You could be leading the way to energy independence by adopting an Open Fuel Standard. You could be making cars that give drivers freedom of choice at the pump. You could give me a car that keeps more money in my pocket and the money I spend would go to American businesses, creating American jobs, and helping our economic recovery, not making the men of OPEC — who hate the West and our freedoms — stronger.

What's with these second rate, inferior gas lines that can't handle alcohols? You make flex fuel cars for Brazil. Why not for the USA? I want a first rate fuel system. I want to be able to use any alcohol fuel. It's good for me. It's good for our economy. It's good for the world's economy. So, ultimately it's even good for your sales.

Why continue to make cars that slow our economic recovery and threaten our national security by making a gas-only fuel system that makes us slaves to whatever price OPEC mandates. Gas-only cars are wonderful for Big Oil and OPEC who are making obscene profits while the rest of us do without.

Man up, Detroit. You could help save the free world. Give us cars that give us freedom at the pump. Give us cars that create competition in the fuel market place. Give us the best cars you can. It's the American way, remember? Act like American men, instead of good little boys doing what's best for Big Oil.

How can we become energy independent when our own American car companies keep making gas-only cars? Your gas only cars are draining our economy, draining our power, threatening our national security, because right now, if OPEC did another embargo, we'd be in danger of a recession/depression/chaos like the world has never seen. All these gas-only cars leave us too vulnerable.

OPEC is a group of economic terrorists. The first embargo was punishment for the USA for not doing what OPEC wanted. Yet the good old boys of American car makers keep making gas-only cars that keep us weak and dependent on a fuel controlled by foreign governments?! You've got to be kidding. Why in the world would you be doing that? American car manufacturers are destroying our way of life with every second rate fuel system they sell.

Ever since OPEC's first embargo, the oil companies' profits have taken more and more of our paychecks, resulting in a declining standard of living. For the first time, your children will have a harder time making a living than you did. We have always been able to give our children a better world. But since OPEC began draining the world economies, each decade that passes leaves us with less than we had before.

Economic growth is hard when any gains go to fuel costs. We're paying a dollar more a gallon than we were at this time just last year. During the worst worldwide recession, the price of oil has doubled in the span of two years. And you automakers keep building gas-only cars?! Are you crazy? Whose side are you on?

When fuel costs double, everything we buy goes up in price because everything has a fuel cost to get it to the store. Americans are paying more for everything because we have no choice but to buy oil, whatever the price, because our very own American car makers still build gas-only cars.

You fight the OFS bill because it mandates giving Americans cars as good as you give to Brazil. You object to a mandate, even though this simple, subsidy-free bill that would free the American people from OPEC's ability to mandate prices. Maybe that's the reason you drag your feet? Do you want the American taxpayers to give you even more money? What do you want? A thousand-dollar-a-car incentive for a $70 upgrade? Is your greed appropriate? Didn't we bail you out? We helped make your companies strong again: Shouldn't you be doing something to help our country grow strong again? Shouldn't you be doing everything you can to help our economy recover as quickly as possible?

What do you gain by dragging your feet instead of stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done? Your gas-only cars drain us so bad we soon will not be able to afford your cars! Your gas-only policy doesn't even work for you, much less our country!

Gas-only cars mean no choice at the pump which means today, in just one 24-hour period, billions of dollars left our American pockets for foreign lands. Tomorrow billions more will leave. We are hemorrhaging huge fortunes because we have to pay whatever OPEC dictates. Get a grip on our situation, Detroit. We now spend more on foreign oil than our entire military defense budget. You automakers need to man up to your responsibility in this. You make it all possible. We pay whatever OPEC mandates because you keep building gas only cars. You hold the system in place every day you delay upgrading your fuel systems. Every gas only car you make will continue to drain our economy for the next 18 years of use.

American cars are the foundation of OPEC's ability to drain us. You could help us keep those billions a day here in our economy instead of giving our hard-earned money to the men of the OPEC nations, a group of men who rule others through force, who are ruling us by force. Man up, Detroit! You can divert all that money back into American hands.

American automakers have an opportunity to be economic heroes. You could, quite literally, can help save the free world from economic ruin just by giving us cars that give us freedom to buy American fuels, not just of foreign oil.

Gas only cars make us dependent on foreign oil: Flex Fuel cars make us a free people again. Man up, Detroit, and give us a freedom we haven't had since Ford made the first Model T. Give us cars that make us free, not gas-only cars dependent on OPEC. Wake up, Detroit! America needs you. Cars made in America should be good for Americans, not OPEC, not Big Oil.

Cars made in America should be the best cars possible. Quit selling second-rate, gas-only cars. Make "made in the USA" mean something again.


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